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Betfair Casino Affiliates Program

There's no questioning the fact that Betfair Sports is the best performing and most recognisable brand on the Betfair affiliate program but what does the Betfair Casino affiliate program offer affiliates?

Well just as Betfair's betting exchange offers above average odds as it's unique selling point, Betfair Casino offers it's players the chance to play casino games with no house edge.

With so many competing casinos all with some degree of 'house edge' being able to promote a casino that doesn't have one is a great tool to aid with conversions and a clear reason to join the Betfair Casino affiliate program.

The programs' run on the popular NetRefer platform with Betfair Casino affiliates gaining access to a wide selection of marketing tools to assist with acquisitions.

These include flash banners advertising casino bonuses, casino games, the latest Betfair Casino promotions as well as HTML articles for those looking for extra content.

Reporting on the Betfair Casino affiliate program is excellent with stats on individual referrals, website performance and earnings easily accessed.

Although not as profitable as some of the best casino affiliate programs, the Betfair Casino affiliate program does allow affiliates to promote a product with a unique selling point and is therefore ideal for affiliates looking to increase the range of casinos that they offer visitors.

Betfair Casino Affiliates

Affiliates wishing to add a Betfair Casino affiliation to their gambling related website simply need to open a new account with the Betfair affiliate program.

Joining Betfair Casino affiliates is free and also a quick and easy process and allows affiliates to promote all of Betfairs other brands from the one affiliate program.


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