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Betfair Sports Betting Affiliates Program

As members of the Betfair Sports affiliate program, affiliates are able to share in the profits of a sports betting brand that's recognised as the world's biggest betting exchange.

For those new to betting exchanges the concept's simple; all bets on Betfair are placed by users who either bet on an outcome (back), or bet against one (lay).

Bets are matched between users with opposing views at typically 10% better odds than websites from normal sports betting affiliate programs.

Affiliates on the Betfair Sports affiliate program are therefore able to promote a sports betting brand that offers users better odds than traditional bookmakers - an easy sell.

The Betfair Sports betting affiliate program runs on the NetRefer affiliate platform and offers affiliates quick and easy access to a vast range of marketing and reporting tools.

Affiliates on the Betfair affiliate program can utilise regularly updated banners in over 22 separate languages including high performing 'event' and 'latest odds' banners as well as XML feeds and standard text links.

Overall the Betfair Sports betting affiliate program is definitely worth joining and adding to gambling websites as it provides visitors with that all important choice of 'bookmaker or betting exchange'.

It's worth pointing out that the Betfair Affiliate program currently only offers two methods of payment, bank transfer and Entropay.

Betfair Affiliates

Affiliates wishing to add a Betfair Sports affiliation to their website will need to open a new account with the Betfair affiliate program. Joining Betfair Sports affiliates is a quick and easy process and allows affiliates to promote all of Betfairs other brands from the one affiliate program.


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