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888bingo Affiliates Program

The 888bingo affiliate program and all of 888.com's other gambling brands form part of the excellent Uffiliates affiliate network which was set up in 2008 so that all their products could be promoted via the one program.

The 888bingo affiliate program is one of the newer additions to Uffiliates and offers affiliates the chance to promote another brand that's synonymous with online gaming.

Affiliates on the 888bingo affiliate program will also be promoting a bingo brand with excellent cross promotional opportunities with most "888" players venturing into other channels at some point.

Unfortunately the range of marketing tools on the 888bingo affiliate program is slightly limited when compared to other bingo affiliate programs but we're hoping this improves over time.

It's quite hard to recommend the 888bingo affiliate program at this point as any affiliate joining the network should look to promote the far more profitable 888ladies.

Saying that, even though 888bingo isn't as popular, it may still be a worthwhile addition to bingo affiliates looking to add depth to their website.

It's also worth pointing out that as with all the brands on the network, the 888bingo affiliate program charges $25 for affiliates receiving payment via bank transfer. One way to avoid this fee is to change your payment method to either Neteller or Moneybookers.

888bingo Affiliates

With the 888bingo affiliate program forming part of the Uffiliates affiliate network, affiliates wishing to add an 888bingo affiliation to their website will need to open a new account with them.

Joining the 888bingo affiliate program is a quick and easy process and allows affiliates to promote all of 888.com's other world famous gaming brands from the one affiliate network.


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