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Betfair Affiliates Program

Betfair launched back in June 2000 and has grown to such an extent that it's now one of the largest online betting companies in the UK and the biggest betting exchange in the world.

The Betfair affiliate program allows affiliates to earn commission from a variety of Betfairs' brands with decent revenue share percentages.

Betfair's affiliate program also allows for cross selling all of their different brands meaning that commissions can be generated in channels other than the one that new acquisitions register through.

Betfair affiliates are able to promote Betfairs betting exchange, Betfair Sports, as well as Betfair Casino, Betfair Poker and the lesser known Betfair Games.

Although none have gone on to dominate the market as much as Betfair Sports did, these additional brands are more than capable of generating decent revenues comparable to more established brands from the best gambling affiliate programs.

The actual Betfair affiliate program interface is based on the NetRefer platform and so will be familiar to most affiliates. It offers easy access to detailed reports, Betfair news, a message centre and a range of regularly updated marketing material that's easy to implement.

The only aspect of the Betfair affiliate program that we found a bit of a let down was the fact that it only offers two payment methods, bank transfer and Entropay.

Best Brands On The Betfair Affiliate Program

The best brand on the Betfair affiliate program has to be Betfairs most established brand, their online betting exchange Betfair Sports. With such recognition the world over, Betfair Sports is easy to sell due to the fact that odds are typically 15% better than traditional bookmakers.

Also highly profitable on the Betfair affiliate program are Betfair Casino and Betfair Poker. All three offer great revenue percentages, opportunities for cross brand commissions and well designed interactive banners and live odds tickers boasting above average click through rates (CTR).

Other Brands On The Betfair Affiliate Program

There are currently only four brands to promote on the Betfair affiliate program with Betfair Games the only one we've yet to talk about.

Unfortunately Betfair Games has yet to live up to it's launch hype and as such is probably the least profitable brand on the program.

Saying that, a healthy revenue share percentage means that it could generate decent revenue on games based affiliate websites.


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