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Sports Betting Affiliate Tips

So you're adding a new bookmaker to your sports betting affiliate website and you want to ensure that the new partnership runs as smoothly as possible. They may sound obvious but by following the sports betting affiliate tips listed below, you could save the time and effort that's inevitably involved with promoting under performing sports betting affiliations. Our sports betting affiliate tips are born out of years of experience and are echoed by many sports betting affiliates working right across the industry. They're straight forward sports betting affiliate tips, are relevant to both new and experienced affiliates and will help ensure that you get the most out of new relationships.

1. Choose Your Bookmakers Wisely
Be selective with what operators/online bookmakers that you promote. Choose reputable brands, online bookmakers that you would recommend personally or have used yourself. There are two reasons for this, they'll convert well because they've invested in their brand and you're less likely to get messed around by them. Before signing up to any sports betting affiliate programs make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully. Also, do some research on industry forums to get advice from other affiliates on who are the best and worst bookmakers to be affiliated with.

2. Talk To Your Affiliate Manager
After you've chosen what operators to promote contact your affiliate manager. Like in every walk of life, there's the good and the bad, and it's the same with affiliate managers. There are some really good ones out there who will keep you updated on their targets, promotions, changes in terms and conditions. But, don't wait for them to contact you. Drop them an email, introduce yourself and ask for advice on how best to promote their brand, ask what their targets are? If you work closely with the managers and promote them well, you could get exclusive offers, giveaways, exclusive free bets for your website. It's well worth investing time in building those relationships.

3. Talk To Other Affiliates
You're not alone! There's a whole industry of people you can talk to. If you're having issues with payment, taxes, affiliate managers not returning your emails, anything at all, get on the forums and ask for help. Affiliates talk and share information daily on industry forums. Get involved, start asking questions and take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and experience available on the forums. Working alone as a sports betting affiliate can be quite isolating. It's difficult to keep on top of all the changes in the industry so visit forums regularly to get help and advice.

4. Know Your Stats.
Again this sounds like an obvious one to include, but it is important to get it right. To get the most out of your sports betting affiliations you need to know who your best performers/earners are. You need to know what operator/bookmaker performs the best for you and who can convert your traffic. Do you know the life time value of your referrals for each operator? The click to registration? And registration to deposit? Based on this information you know what operator works best for you, and who is wasting your referral traffic. Knowing this information means you can focus your efforts on only promoting brands that work well for you and stop wasting your traffic on the others.

5. The Importance of Content
It's getting more difficult to get traffic to sports betting affiliate websites with more competitors entering the market place each week as well as changes to Google's algorithms. So, you can't afford to waste the traffic your site does receive. Essential to monetising and converting your traffic to active accounts is content. You need to have the right content on your site to convert your visitors. Whether it be – previews, live odds, bookmaker promotions, the days of simply slapping a free bet banner on your website and earning commissions are long gone.

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